Fire Protection System

Fire Protection System

ADELPHOS Multi Solutions Private Limited serve as a single-source of contact to provide fire protection services for all our customers. Our highly compliant assessment, testing and maintenance services help clients to mitigate risks. We conduct regular inspections, periodic testing, and preventive maintenance of its fire protection systems to ensure their continuous, proper operation. Inspection, testing, and maintenance (IT&M) are conducted in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements supplemented by equipment manufacturers' recommendations. Fire protection IT&M. We provide maintenance services for Deluge, water spray and sprinkler systems Hydrants, post indicator valves and fire monitors, Jokey pumps and fire apparatuses Fixed and portable fire extinguishers Smoke, flame and incipient fire detection Manual and remote-controlled fixed monitor systems, Emergency alarm and mass notification system, Fire suppression systems (NOVEC /FM 200)

Since its inception as a property management company, we are driven by the passion to reform the fire safety Industry by synergizing modern technology with design function, bringing forth effective, easy-to-operate, and life-improving products in fire safety.

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